Moving energy to increase balance and harmony

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, involves adjusting, moving, or balancing so the energy of a space falls into harmony.  These actions are taken with “intention” whether for peace of mind, or to increase some aspect of one’s life.   Sometimes it is “common sense” or “intuition” of what “feels” right or wrong with the space we are entering.  Energy is the key (Qi or ch’i), that vital life force and the calm and harmony it produces around us.

As a Feng Shui enthusiast, it is a delight for me to continue my twenty-plus years of Feng Shui study, knowing this life-changing ancient Chinese art is ever evolving.  Having attended the annual International Feng Shui Conferences held in California in the late 1990’s, I was privileged to meet respected teachers from Denise Linn to William Spear.

While certified from the International Concepts School (formally of CA), I prescribe to the western (US) philosophy of Feng Shui and also honor my Black Tantric Sect beginnings.  Terah Kathryn Collins, Western School of Feng Shui, remains my favorite instructor to this day. Her concepts are clean and clear and make such good sense.  She adds creativity and enjoyment to everything she touches.

My mission is to motivate others to happily reach for their highest potential with energy movement.  One goal is to aid spiritual and physical transformations through Feng Shui principles.  We all practice basic “feeling and sensing” Feng Shui in our lives daily.

Experience includes:

  • Preparing client homes for sale
  • Energizing client home and office spaces
  • Presenting workshops
  • Helping clients clear clutter

Important questions to ask when cleaning out garages or storage areas:  “What is this (item name) worth to me right now?”, “Do I really need this (item)?, “Do I want it, just in case?”, or “Is this just taking up valuable space?  Be brutal in your assessment because clearing and cleaning clutter it the number one rule in Feng Shui.  I think it might even be the second and third laws of good Feng Shui!  If it (whatever the item) really needs to be gone, be ruthless, don’t try to fix it or rationalize, just hold a garage sale or run to your nearest St. Vincent de Paul donation center/store!!!

Try something eye-opening like a new found ritual.  Can you find twenty-seven items you haven’t touch in a year or more and decide if they really belong in your space today?  Take a decided action with each item – fix it, donate it, or toss it.  Alone, this exercise can be powerful in making an energy shift in your environment.  Try it today and take notes of what happens to you in the following thirty days.