Animal Beacons
of Light

Animal Beacons of Light founded in 2000, brings joy and light to the hearts of children of all ages around the world.  Re-energized stuffed animals are distributed to recipients in orphanages, hospitals, and shelters in the USA and around the world – anywhere their presence is beneficial.  In the first dozen years, more than 75,000 animals were presented to children of all ages in need of love, comfort, and therapy.  Recipients live worldwide: Turkey, Nepal, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Afghanistan, South Africa, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Australia, Scandinavia, Pakistan, and more.

Jenise Dormann and Diane Ingalls accepted the baton passed by founder, Ellen Henson, in 2013.  Animal Beacons of Light (ABoL) gives people specific, tangible ways to share love, compassion, and nurturing with children of all ages.  ABoL operates through the generosity of others,   through monetary donations, or in the form of time, energy, or new or pre-loved stuffed animals.

“Stuffies” are needed to soothe
emotional and physical circumstances
of youngsters everywhere.

To become hands-on involved in Animal Beacons of Light, contact Diane Ingalls (650.515.0018)

We welcome volunteer speakers to publicize ABoL’s mission to churches, schools, and other organizations to run “stuffie” donation drives. ABoL would be grateful for guidance in preparing and submitting non-profit status forms, loving hands to collect and prepare lightly-used stuffed animals for distribution and volunteers to create a website.